B.Ed Faculty
Sr. No. Name With Date of birth and Age Attested Photograph of appointed staff wheather SC/ST/OBC other Category Designation B.Ed Yes/No %age M.Ed Yes/No %age M.A. (Education) Yes/No %age Master degree in School Subject yes/No %age (Specify the subjects) Subject of Teaching Ph.D.(Specify the subjects) Passed UGC NET or equivalent (Yes/No) Teaching Experience (years) Teaching Experience in Recognized School/BEd. College (Enclose experience certificate from the Principal) Date of initial appointment and NCTE Regulation under which he or she was appointed Joining Date
IDetails of Teaching Staff
1.Dr. O.P. Bhardwaj D.O.B. 30-07-1973GeneralPrincipal63.00%56.00%-51.00%Maths EducationYes11 Years, 10 MonthsSchool – 6yrs. B.Ed. -5Yrs. College – 10 Months16-05-201116-05-2011
IILecturers/Teaching Staff(As Per NCTE NORMS)
1.Dr. Malkiat Singh
D.O.B. 05-02-1981
GeneralAsistt. Proff.65.00%59.00%-52.00%MathsYesNo6 YearsB.Ed. 3.3 Yrs.20-06-201420-06-2014
2.Ms. Monika Parmar
D.O.B. 30-07-1984
General Asistt. Prof.64.00% 65.00%-68.00% Social ScienceNoYes8.9 Months7.9 Months20-06-201401-02-2015
3.Ms. Sonia Dogra
D.O.B. 04-12-1987
OBCAsistt. Proff.71.09%67.87%-74.66%BotanyNoYES10 months--01-07-201701-07-2017
4.Ms. Shashi Sharma
D.O.B. 25-12-1986
GeneralAsistt. Proff.67.00%56.00%-62.00%HindiNoNo4 yearsB.Ed. 4 years--22-08-2017
5.Dr. Madhu Bala
D.O.B. 12-03-1989
SCAsistt. Proff.65.8%71.13% 53%M.A. Economics Education YES 5 Yrs. NO05-04-201805-04-2018
6.Ms. Anu Bala
D.O.B. 19-09-1987
SCAsistt. Proff.74.81%78.62%-55.58%M.A. EnglishNONo1 Yrs.Yes06-03-201906-03-2019
7.Ms. Madhu Sharma
D.O.B. 18-12-1987
GeneralAsistt. Proff.68.00%74.00%-63.00%M.A. Plo. Science --FreshFresh12-03-201912-03-2019
8.Sh. Kapil Dev
D.O.B. -
General Asistt. Prof.---------13-03-201913-03-2019
9.Sh. Sudesh Kumar
D.O.B. 04-01-1972
General Computer Instructor-M.Sc. Computer Science-----12 Years-19-09-201319-09-2013-