D.El.Ed Faculty

D.El.Ed. Department

Sr. No.Name With Date of birth and AgeAttested Photograph of appointed staffwheather SC/ST/OBC other CategoryDesignationB.Ed Yes/No %ageM.Ed Yes/No %ageM.A. (Education) Yes/No %ageMaster degree in School Subject yes/No %age (Specify the subjects)Subject of TeachingPh.D.(Specify the subjects)Passed UGC NET or equivalent (Yes/No)Teaching Experience (years)Teaching Experience in Recognized School/BEd. College (Enclose experience certificate from the Principal)Date of initial appointment and NCTE Regulation under which he or she was appointedJoining Date
IDetails of Teaching Staff
1Dr. O.P. Bhardwaj D.O.B. 30-07-1973Dr. OP BhardwajGeneralPrincipal63.00%56.00%-51.00%MathsYESNo11 Years, 10 MonthsSchool โ€“ 6yrs. B.Ed. -5Yrs. College โ€“ 10 Months16-05-201116-05-2011
IILecturers/Teaching Staff(As Per NCTE NORMS)
1Sh. Ritesh Kanwar
D.O.B. 24-02-1973
Sh. Ritesh kanwarGeneralDPEB.P.Ed.=68.00%M.P.Ed.=61.20%-----10 Yrs.10 Yrs.01-08-200701-08-2007
2Ms. Neha
D.O.B. 15-05-1988
Ms. NehaOBCLecturer71.10%73.00%-65.60%MathsNoNo5 YearsJ.B.T 4 Years & School 1 Year23-05-2014-23-05-2014
3Ms. Neha Sharma
D.O.B. 04-10-1985
Ms. Neha sharmaGeneralLecturer67.98%66.80%62.00%ScienceNoNo9 Months30-03-201530-03-2015
4Ms. Reena Bharti D.O.B. 02-06-1977Ms. Reena BhartiS.CLecturer65.50%---Social ScienceNoNo----07-01-2014
5Ms. Arti Devi
D.O.B 15-10-1985
Ms. Arti DeviGeneralLecturer64.60%67.50%-60.40%HindiNoNo2.6 MonthsSchool 2.6 Years16-05-201616-05-2016
6Ms. Madhu Sharma
D.O.B. 18-12-1987
Ms. Madhu SharmaGeneralLecturer68.00%74.00%-63.00%, (Pol. Science)Pol. Science--FreshFresh12-03-201912-03-2019
7Ms. Meenu Devi
D.O.B. 12-06-1985
Ms. Meenu DeviGeneralAsistt. Prof.67.00%69.00%-56.00% Pol.ScienceHindiNoNo3 yearsB.Ed. 02 Months06-08-201906-08-2019
8Ms. Ritu Sharma
D.O.B. 26-05-1996
rituGeneralComputer Instructor68.48% (M.Sc. IT)21-02-202321-02-2023
IIIList of Teaching Staff (Part Time)
9Sh. Khube Ram D.O.B 14-06-1998khuberamGeneralLecturer72.21% (Fine Arts)Fine ArtNoNoFresh09-11-202309-11-2023
IVList of Teaching Staff Who Has Left
1Ms. Shailja KumariMs. Shailja KumariGENlecturer65.54%67.37%-59.00%English--8 yrs.8 yrs09-12-201309-12-2013

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