Law Faculty

Law Department

Serial NumberName DesignationQualificationProfile ImageDate of JoiningDate of Left
1Dr Nanda Chiranjeevi Rao D.O.B. 22-12-1966PrincipalB.Sc., M.L., Ph.D. (Law)lawp31-05-2023
1Sh. Vijay Kumar
D.O.B 17-10-1981
Asst. Prof.LL.M., NETSh. Vijay Kumar11-08-2012
2Mrs. renuka Kaushal
D.O.B. 26-10-1983
Asst. Prof.LL.M., NETMrs. Renuka Kaushal15-07-2011
3Ms. Lalita Devi
D.O.B. 01-04-1987
Asst. Prof.LL.M., NETMs.Lalita Devi21-07-2015
4Sh. Vivek Kumar
D.O.B. 16-05-1989
Asst. Prof.LL.M., NETSh. Vivek Kumar27-03-2017
5Ms Sneha Sharma
D.O.B. 01-09-1988
Asst. Prof.LL.M.Ms. Sneha Sharma04-08-2017
6Ms. Nisha
D.O.B. 04-02-1986
Asst. Prof.LL.M., NETMs. Nisha27-08-2018
7Ms. Praneeta Kumari
D.O.B. 08-01-1990
Asst. Prof.LL.M., NETMs. Praneeta Kumari28-02-2019
8Ms. Gaurav Thakur
D.O.B. 10-10-1997
Asst. Prof.LL.M., NETGourav02-08-2023
9Ms. Nidhi Singh
D.O.B. 17-04-1996
Asst. Prof.LL.M., NETNidhi02-08-2023
10Ms. Swati Agnihotri
D.O.B. 17-12-1996
Asst. Prof.LL.M.swati26-02-2024
List of Teaching Staff Who Has Left
Serial NumberNameDesignationQualificationProfile ImageDate of JoiningDate of Left
1Dr. O.P. Sharma (HAS retd.)Asst. Prof.LL.M.,Ph.D.(Law)Dr. O.P.Sharma HAS Retd.19-09-2013
2Ms. Samita Kumari
D.O.B. 27-10-1990
Asst. Prof.LL.M.Ms. Samita Kumari
3Ms. Anupa Ahir
D.O.B. 21-07-1992
Asst. Prof.LL.M.Anupa10-10-2022
4Ms. Kamra Tabassum
D.O.B. 06-03-1997
Asst. Prof.LL.M.Kamra19-10-2022
5Ms. Neha Sharma
D.O.B. 07-01-1995
Asst. Prof.LL.M.neha01-08-2023
6Ms. Shashi Poonam
D.O.B. 08-09-1995
Asst. Prof.LL.M., NETShashi02-08-2023

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