Ministrial Staff

Ministerial Staff

Sr. No.NameDesignationAttested Photograph of appointed staffDate of Joining
1Sh. Amar Nath SharmaSupritendantSh. Amar Nath Sharma
2Sh. Raj Kumar SharmaOffice Asst.Sh. Raj Kumar Sharma
3Sh. Ramesh KumarLibrarianRamesh
4Smt. Sarita DeviAsst. LibrarianSmt. Sarita Devi
5Mr. Kamal KumarTechnical AssistantSh. Kamal Kumar
6Sh. Arjun DassClass IVSh. Arjun Dass
7Sh. Dev RajClass IV
8Sh. Vikram SinghSecurity Gaurd
9Sh. HardyalSafai WalaSh. Hardyal
10Sh. Prabh DayalGate Keeper

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